Below are 5 of our most recent projects – if you would like more examples please feel free to get in touch.

Hummingbird Web Design - Our Portfolio 1

Great Hearts was a challenging project in that the client was very specific on her design requirements, and dealing with an international market, she wanted to keep the fun but also the professionalism of their brand, all the while keeping with an African Theme. In this website, graphic design was key and images were purposefully generated to fit into the website, whereas, in most other cases the website is designed around the clients images.

Hummingbird Web Design - Our Portfolio 2

Hearts Desires was a series of Websites that was created for a client based in Durban. It is an E-Commerce Solution that has a lot of backend functionality. The client was looking for something “clean” and simple with the header being the focus of the website.

Hummingbird Web Design - Our Portfolio 3

Africa on the Move was designed for a client with many years of experience in the travel industry and had very specific requirements regarding the imagery and layout of her website.

Hummingbird Web Design - Our Portfolio 4

Aviation One was a fun site to design, maybe due to my love of Aviation, but also due to the fact that I had rebuilt this site 3 times over a period of 3 years. The clients were old school friends of mine and thus extra effort was put into the site, and |I think it shows.

Hummingbird Web Design - Our Portfolio 5

This law firm wanted something simple and to the point. They were very specific about their content and need a website that would showcase their services and team, yet be fast loading and easy to navigate.

Hummingbird Web Design - Our Portfolio 6

Powerbreed Rescue is an NPO and the cause was close to my heart. This is one of those sites where a little more attention was given and a special price was arranged …

Hummingbird Web Design - Our Portfolio 7

Beyond Innovation printing took almost a year in preparation for the content, the website consists of several image libraries and has over 7000 images on the website. The client was very specific in their requirements and due to the size of the site it took 2 days to launch it.

Hummingbird Web Design - Our Portfolio 8

This website has functionality that is hidden under the hood and in conjunction with Creative Ads, we spent many hours testing and fine tuning this website.