We really love what we do and one of the things we really don’t like doing is telling a customer that something is not possible. Every business has its limitations with regards to its skillset and our solution to that problem was to form strategic partnerships with like-minded individuals, who share our passion for results and customer service and yet possess a skill that would compliment our shortcomings.

The result of this would be the following, and as we face new challenges we add to this pool of resources:

Graphic Designer: We have a graphic designer that is based in Kloof Durban and she certainly knows how to make ideas come to life.

Corporate Identity & Marketing: Our Graphic Designer is able to supply business cards, printed stationery, labels and embroidered as well as printed clothing.

Backend Development: We have two gentlemen based in Johannesburg who as absolute coding wizards and are able to design mobile apps as well as complex functionality for our websites.

Front End Design: this is done by our sister company SDDS Website Design, although a separate company, it boasts the same ownership and staff of Humming Bird Designs

Hummingbird Website Design Solutions 1